We are all experiencing the challenges of the Covid-19 outbreak and the varying levels of shelter-in-place orders issued by local, state and federal government. The Contra Costa County and greater Bay Area order can be found here https://cchealth.org/coronavirus/pdf/HO-COVID19-SIP-0316-2020.pdf and the State order here https://covid19.ca.gov/stay-home-except-for-essential-needs/

Chris and Nick continue to serve the clients of Roscha & Odne LLP, and respond to the needs and inquiries of new clients, while adhering to the social distancing requirements and other restrictions.

Please take the time to ensure you are familiar with the best practices to keep your families, businesses and employees safe and healthy, and then call upon us to assist you with your legal needs. We will be here for you and have been busy reviewing client leases, purchase contracts and other agreements and advising regarding the impacts of this new situation.

If you are a commercial or residential landlord, there are numerous issues to review, from force majeure clauses, tenant improvement build-out delays and the obligation to pay rent, to limits on the ability to evict due to government-imposed moratoria and the more practical issue of courts being closed.

If you are a contractor, developer or materials supplier, your ability to continue to work or supply materials may be impacted and it will be crucial to have a firm understanding of your construction and supply contracts, as all the parties and their respective rights and obligations may be impacted by force majeure clauses that could provide a defense to breach of contract claims. Additionally, with County Recorders closed or operating with limited staffing, the ability to timely record mechanic’s lien is impacted and sufficient lead time should be given to ensure deadlines are met.

Again, please stay safe and healthy, and know that we are here when you need us.


Nick Roscha & Chris Odne


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